Founded in 2000 EDB International is commitment to provide A/E professional services to its clients. As the firm grew and evolved, it broadened its services to meet our clients various needs in the construction, residential, and commercial sectors. With this on going growth and expansion of services, EDB International now offers: planning, design, and civil. Our clients come from a wide range of backgrounds including governmental agencies, along with public and private sector individuals.


Our work on project is based on the following principles of success:

  • Careful attention to project schedules and budgets.
  • Creative planning implemented using sound engineering.
  • A thorough understanding of all relevant issues and objectives.
  • Facilitation to arrive at consensus.
  • Openness to client, and public comments and concerns.
  • Comprehensive and well-structured communication and involvement.

EDB International is a pre-qualified S/M/DBE, with many government agencies. We are also EDGE and MBE certified with The Department of Administrative Services, State of Ohio. We are a registered professional Engineering firm in Ohio and Illinois. While also being prequalified with the Department of Transportation to provide various civil engineering and geotechnical engineering services.



WE HAND-CRAFT CREATIVESolutions with Solid Strategies



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